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Helpful Tips for Managing Anger Begin to Notice Your Warning Signs Your body has ways of letting you know that you are experiencing anger. Common reactions include: racing heart rate rapid breathing muscle tension headache sweating shaking feeling hot feeling dizzy When you notice these signs, think of things you might be able to do… Read more »
Healthy ways of coping are so important because they help us manage everyday stress as well as help us through difficult, challenging times. Finding activities that are enjoyable, soothing, and that temporarily distract us from our current problems can help us find relief from stress and negative emotions. Coping allows us the opportunity to get… Read more »
Unconditional self-acceptance means loving yourself, as you are, warts and all. Many people evaluate themselves based on their performances. They do a good job at work, get a promotion, and feel great about themselves. On the other hand, if they get demoted after a poor evaluation-or worse-get fired, they feel terrible about themselves. Separating what… Read more »


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