Healthy Ways of Coping

Healthy ways of coping are so important because they help us manage everyday stress as well as help us through difficult, challenging times. Finding activities that are enjoyable, soothing, and that temporarily distract us from our current problems can help us find relief from stress and negative emotions. Coping allows us the opportunity to get us out of our heads and take a step back, which can lead to better decision making in the short and long term. Here is a list of healthy coping activities you can incorporate in your everyday life:

  1. take a walk
  2. run
  3. dance
  4. practice yoga
  5. stretch
  6. take slow, deep breaths
  7. say something kind to yourself
  8. write a gratitude list
  9. take pictures
  10. call a friend
  11. read a book or magazine
  12. watch your favorite t.v. show or movie
  13. light a scented candle
  14. wrap yourself in a soft blanket
  15. take a shower
  16. listen to music
  17. chew gum
  18. color/draw/paint
  19. put a puzzle together
  20. play with a pet
  21. spend time with someone you love
  22. meditate or pray
  23. take a nap
  24. cook or bake
  25. sing your favorite tune

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